Degree Programs

Majoring in Languages prepares one to live and work in a world in which contact with other cultures is becoming more frequent and appreciation and respect for linguistic and cultural diversity is becoming more important.

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Languages affords students two options: the Single Language Option, where students choose one target language of either French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish; or the Dual Languages Option, which incorporates one target language of French, German, Japanese, Russian or Spanish and a second language from among those, or from Alaska Native Languages, American Sign Language, or Chinese. Other secondary languages may also be used with the approval of the Department.

  • The flexibility of the B.A. in Languages allows students to select a program suited to their individual interests, educational needs, and career goals.

  • A total of 120 Credits is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Languages degree.

BA Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Department of Languages must:

  • Demonstrate intermediate oral proficiency level according to ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) guidelines;

  • Demonstrate cultural knowledge as integrated into the language programs.

The Minor in Languages

A minor is a good way to acquire a significant proficiency level in a given language. In addition, by minoring, students gain formal documentation on their transcripts. This documentation can be very useful when being considered by prospective employers in a wide variety of fields, in applications to graduate school, and in other career or personal pursuits. Students who wish to minor in languages must complete the following requirement: a total of 19 credits at or above the 200-level with at least 11 credits being upper division. Credits must be in one discipline chosen from the following languages: French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Advising Assistance and Resources

Advising forms for majors and minors can be found at the following links. These lists provide an outline of the coursework required for a BA or a minor in Languages. They are intended to be used as guides only - it is highly recommended that you meet with an advisor before choosing your courses.

Credits by examination

The CLEP exam is availabe for French, German and Spanish, and the Dantes exam for Spanish only. The Advising and Testing Center also evaluates AP exam results for potential course credit. Please contact the UAA Advising and Testing Centerfor more information.

Students who are placed in upper-level courses may receive up to eight credits (two regular language courses' worth) of lower-level coursework when they pass the upper-lever class with a grade of A or B. For example, a student who passes a 202 class with an A may receive credit for 201 and 102.

During the academic year, you may also receive specialized assistance in choosing language courses that best suit your level of proficiency. Please contact the appropriate Language Coordinator to schedule an oral evaluation. A list of department faculty with contact information may be found here.