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Matthew Bowes, Term Instructor, Liberal Studies,

Phyllis FastPhyllis A. Fast, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Liberal Studies,

Dr. Fast has taught at UAA since Fall, 2004.  Prior to that she taught in the Alaska Native Studies Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1995 to 2004.  2004 she taught for the Department of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Born and raised in Anchorage, Fast graduated from East Anchorage High School.  She received a BA in English from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, an interdisciplinary M.A. in Anthropology and English on Alaska Native Literary Forms from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and a PhD in Social Anthropology from Harvard University in 1998.  After receiving her first degree from UAF, Fast studied both western and Alaska Native art, and developed a career as a gallery artist in Anchorage.  Her research interests are related to Alaska Native peoples, literary, visual and performative arts, as well as areas of transnational political and social economy as it relates to indigenous peoples, particularly in the area of gender relations.  She is the author of Northern Athabascan Survival: Women, Community and the Future.  Fast's most recent artwork is on display at Two Spirits Gallery until November 30th.  Proceeds from some of the work will go to UAA's project, Anchorage's Diverse Voices.

Courses regularly taught: ANTH A200, ANTH A270, ANTH A360, ANTH A437, ANTH A439, LSSS A111 


Sarah GerkenSarah Gerken, Associate Professor, of Biological Sciences,

Sarah received her B.A. in Marine Biology (1992) and her M.S. in Marine Science (1995) from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She then went on to receive her Ph.D. in Oceanography from the University of Maine, Orono (2000).

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, her interest in marine life started early. When Sarah was 10, she announced that she was going to be a marine biologist when she grew up. Despite the ephemeral nature of decisions made at that age, she did become a marine biologist. She is still amazed every day at the splendid diversity and beauty of marine life.

Sarah's current research interests are centered on Crustaceans, mostly in the order Cumacea, although she has worked with leptostracans and mysids. The majority of her publications are in taxonomy and systematics, although phylogeny, biogeography, functional morphology and ecology are enduring interests.

The courses that Sarah teaches include:

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  • LSIS 201: Life on Earth
  • LSIS 101: Discoveries in Science
  • BIOL/GEOL 178: Fundamentals of Oceangraphy
  • BIOL/GEOL 179 Fundamentals of Oceanography laboratory
  • BIOL 478: Biological Oceanography
  • BIOL 427: Invertebrate Zoology


Ann Jache, Term Assistant Professor, Sociology,

Bill JamisonWilliam Jamison, Term Instructor, Philosophy,

Mr. Jamison completed his B.A. in Philosophy (1973) and M.A. in Philosophy (1978) at West Chester University and then the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Montery, CA graduating in 1979 from the Russian Course.

Bill then enjoyed a career studying and translating languages (with proficiencies in Russian, German and French) for the US Army in Berlin, Germany; the National Security Agency in Maryland; San Angelo, Texas; Fort Devens, Massachusetts; Fort Richardson, Alaska and Kunia, Hawaii, retiring (SFC) in August 1994.  Since Spring Semester 1995, he has been teaching Philosophy at the University of Alaska, and occasionally Alaska Pacific University, Charter College, and the Anchorage School District.  His interest is primarily in studying philosophy, the humanities, the nature of language and human culture and passing on this interest to others both on campus and in the community.  Bill and his wife Donna live in Eagle River.  They have four children all of whom live, study, and work in Anchorage. 


PaceKimberly J. Pace, Term Assistant Professor, Political Science,
786-4837 office
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B.A., High Honors, University of Montana, June, 1990.
(Major Political Science, Minor History)

M.A., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, December, 1991.
(Political Science)

ABD Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. (Political Science)

Term Assistant Professor of Political Science
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Faculty Director of Model United Nations of Alaska
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Director of Women's Studies
University of Alaska, Anchorage


Introduction to American Government
Introduction to Political Science
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Power, Authority, and Governance (LSIC)
Model United Nations
Constitutional Law
International Law and Organization

travis rectorTravis Rector, Associate Professor, Physics/Astronomy,