LRC Library Collection

The LRC Library contains a variety of course related and study materials that have been provided by instructors and departments for student use. This access is extremely important to students as it provides them with the opportunity to access course materials when items are left at home, when personal funds are low, and while waiting for textbooks to arrive. The collection also provides access to optional and supplementary materials such as books, computer programs, DVD/video, audio, hands-on kits, games, workbooks, solutions manuals, and more. All instructors are encouraged to submit copies of their materials to the LRC to provide their students with the help and resources they need to better their education.

Faculty and instructors
are encouraged
to add materials
to the LRC Library collection
for student use.

For additional information regarding the LRC Library, call the LRC Information Desk for information and assistance at: 907-786-6890.

Check-out Duration

Duration of check-out is determined by the provider of the material. Available check-out periods are 2 hours, 4 hours, overnight, 2 days, 3 days, and 7 days. Items with a 2 or 4-hour check-out period may be designated as "in-center use only," meaning it must remain in the building. This option is best for materials likely to get high use. It also reduces the risk of items being lost, damaged, or returned late. Please refer to the LRC library policies for further information.

All instructors and departments are encouraged to submit copies of their materials to the LRC to provide their students with the help and resources they need to better their education.

Adding Materials to Reserve

If you have an item you would like placed on reserve at the Learning Resources Center, complete the Submission Form and bring it in with along with the materials to the LRC Front Desk. Alternatively, you may send the form and materials via intercampus mail to the Learning Resources Center in Sally Monserud Hall (SMH). Items are processed in the order they are received but an incomplete form will delay processing. Blank forms are available at the front desk. Generally materials are added within two business days of receipt. However, during peak times, such as at the beginning of the semester, please allow a full week for items to be available for students.

Removing Reserve Materials

If you have a textbook, video, or other class material you would like to remove from the Learning Resources Center collection, please complete the Removal Request Form and submit in person to the LRC Desk Clerk on staff, via intercampus mail, or via fax (786-6835). You may choose to have the items returned to you through intercampus mail or you may collect them at the LRC front desk after they have been removed from the system. Copies of this form are also available at the LRC front desk.

Faculty Tools

LRC Staff Copy Machine with USB Scanning

The LRC staff full color/black and white copier has both auto feed and flatbed scan copy options. Copies can be run from single or double sided originals to produce single or double sided, auto size, and/or custom resized results. The auto sort function separates and staples copied packets for distribution.

The USB scanning feature allows information to be scanned straight to a USB drive and works with both the auto feed and flatbed scan options.

The Desk Clerk's are trained to assist with approved copies or scans. Approval is determined by copyright laws.

Not sure if what you wish to copy constitutes fair use or violates copyright laws? Read more about fair use and then use this checklist to determine fair use.


Our high power shredder is for staff and faculty use in shredding documents. Be certain that all staples are removed from documents before shredding.

The LRC's Additional Resources are also available for faculty use.
Please see our web page for further information.