The LRC provides test proctoring services for students in College Preparatory & Development Studies (CPDS) courses. Test proctors are on site to distribute and store tests and to monitor the testing environment.

Services Offered

The Math Lab works with CPDS to administer tests for Math 054, 055, and 105. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the testing environment, test proctors also store graded tests in the Math Lab (SMH 126) so that students may review them.

The lab provides you with a low stress testing environment. The lab seeks to maintain a space that is comfortable, has few distractions, and allows you to take tests at your own pace and at the time when you feel most prepared.

Tests can be taken in the Math Lab testing area any time during operating hours, but the lab stops distribution of tests one hour prior to closing, and all tests are collected promptly at the scheduled closing time.

Instructors subsequently pick up and grade their students’ tests, and tests are returned to the Math Lab. After your test is graded, you may also review your test and and ask tutors for clarification of concepts.

General Information

Location: Sally Monserud Hall 120

P: 907.786.6828


Monday and Thursday
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Friday and Sunday
Noon to 5 p.m. 

Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday

New tests will not be issued in the last hour of operation. All tests in progress will be collected promptly at closing.