UAA Math Changes & the Impact on all UAA Students

For all UAA Students: 

Due to a mandate by the UA Board of Regents, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has made changes in mathematics course numbering, titles, and descriptions effective Fall 2015. These changes feature:

  • Coordination across the state
  • Course titles and numbers have been standardized across the UA system to make transferability simple. Lower division     courses having the same number and title are equivalent at all three universities (UAF, UAA, and UAS);those which do not match aren't the same. 
  • Clarification of the intended audience for some courses
  • Course names like College Algebra for Calculus help students to understand the purpose of the course.
  • More logical course numbering
  • Most students expect lower numbered courses should be easier than higher numbered ones, and we've tried to meet that expectation with a more organized system.
  • Note that although the numbers, names, and course descriptions may have changed, the content of the courses has not. I am attaching a document that will help smooth the transition to the new names and numbers.

    How could this affect you? 

    A course will count the same towards degree or major requirements whether the course in under the new number or the old number.

    However, if you are registering for a course for fall that has a math course as a prerequisite, the BANNER system will be unable to recognize the old course number as the new course number.  Unless you get a prerequisite override, when you try to sign up for a course, you will get a "prerequisite error" message preventing you from enrolling. Note that this course might be in a different department or college than the math course. To avoid this issue or to fix it, you need to get an override from a college advisor or from the instructor of the specific section. To take math or stat classes, you may also get an override from the receptionist in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. A great idea would be to do this before registration starts.


    To more closely align with our colleagues at UAS and UAF as mandated by the Board of Regents, we will no longer accept SAT or ACT scores for course placement. Students must earn an appropriate score on the ACCUPLACER test or take the prerequisite course to enroll in a math class. As it has been for several years, the ACCUPLACER score only lasts for one year.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at or at 786-1312 if you have any questions.

    Debbie Narang,
    Chair, Mathematics and Statistics

    MATH New Course Names and Numbers, Fall 2015

    Click here to download the document today!


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