Selecting a Mathematics Course (for Non-Majors)

If you need advising on which mathematics course to take, please contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Any faculty member can assist you in choosing the appropriate class. If you are taking a mathematics course, feel free to ask your instructor about which course to take next. You can also visit or call the department and ask to see an available faculty member.

Advising for Majors and Minors

Every mathematics major is assigned an academic faculty advisor. Mathematics minors should contact their major department to locate their advisor, but may also talk to faculty in mathematics for assistance in planning their minor. The advisor will help the student plan schedules and meet all necessary graduation requirements.

The following is a list of professors that are available in our department to answer your questions.  You are free to select your own advisor from the list below.  Each professor sets up his or her own appointments.

Mathematics (BA, BS, Minor, General):
Dr. Samuel Cook,           786-1743,
Dr. Mark Fitch,                 786-1745,
Dr. Stefanos Folias,         786-1618,
Dr. Larry Foster,               786-4868,
Dr. Alberta Harder,          786-1748,
Dr. Deborah Narang,       786-1312,
Dr. Kamal Narang,           786-1150,

Mathematics (General Questions):
Prof. Joan Haig,             786-1995,

Prof. Robert McCoy,      786-1652,


Statistics (Minor):
Dr. Sam Thiru,              786-1958,

Dr. Rieken Venema     786-4854,


Please direct your questions pertaining to the Mathematics Education Certification to the School of Education at 786-4400.

If you have any general questions regarding the Mathematics Sciences Programs, please feel free to contact us at 786-1744.  We appreciate your interest in the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Freshmen Majors

Incoming freshman who want to talk to an advisor should contact the Department of Mathematical Sciences and ask to talk to an advisor. You will be directed to an available faculty member.