E. Andre Thorn - Director

Andre Thorn | UAA MCCPhone: 907-786-4080

E-mail: eathorn@uaa.alaska.edu

Andre has served as the Director of the Multicultural Center since 2011 after 13 years of serving in a variety of capacities at the University of Missouri. Andre has over 20 years in higher education (from the University of Missouri and the University of Nevada, Reno respectively) and has focused his efforts on developing collaborative ways to increase the retention, persistence and engagement among all of our talented multicultural students in a variety of academic, cultural, honors, research and leadership opportunities. While at UAA, he has endeavored "building a better Multicultural Center" with some major enhancements to the Multicultural Center and the programs within it such as AHAINA Student Programs and the Seawolf Success Program. On a personal note, Andre has completed his PhD. from the University of Missouri in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in May of 2014.



Nalani Brown - Office Manager

Phone: 907-786-6124

E-mail: mnbrown2@uaa.alaska.edu



Janine Elgamal -  Student Transition Advisor

janine_elgamal | UAA MCC

Phone: 907-786-4077

Email: jzelgamal@uaa.alaska.edu

Janine is the new Student Transition Advisor at the Multicultural Center. She comes to UAA from the American University in Cairo, Egypt, where she mentored and trained a group of 47-52 leadership scholarship students over the last 4 years. Janine is responsible for the Seawolf Success Program, which aims to provide first and second year students at UAA with resources to help them achieve their academic goals. She also spends time with students one on one to map out their plan for their first and second year, to reach their maximum potential at the UAA.




Leo Medal - Student Success Coordinator

mr.leo_medal | UAA MCCPhone: 907-786-4082                       

Email: lmedal@uaa.alaska.edu

Leo comes to the Multicultural Center from UAA's TRiO Educational Talent Search (ETS) program, where he served as the middle school advisor. He is responsible for coordination of the AHAINA programs, assisting students at all levels and retention and graduation of students. Leo is passionate about encouraging, motivating and empowering all students to succeed, not only at UAA but in their future endeavors. He received his Masters Degree in 2006 from Wayne State College in Science in Education (MSE) with an emphasis in Communications.