About Jazz at the University of Alaska Anchorage

UAA offers a wide range of courses and ensemble opportunities for students interested in jazz. UAA Jazz Ensemble meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, and is for students interested in a big band ensemble. The jazz ensemble performs at the Mat-Su and ASD high school jazz band festivals as well as campus and community events.Students interested in performing in small groups may enroll in Jazz Combo.Open to vocalists and instrumentalists, each combo is assigned a time to meet and rehearse and receives weekly coaching by faculty.In all ensembles students learn a variety of jazz styles and concepts while working to hone their improvisation skills.

In addition to ensembles, other class offerings include Jazz Theory I & II, History of Jazz, and private lessons in jazz voice, piano, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone & flute.Each spring Prof. Strid-Chadwick hosts UAA Jazz Week (currently in its 27th year), at which students participate in master classes and performances with internationally recognized jazz artists such as Hal Galper, Chase Sanborn, Jovino Santos Neto, and Rebeca Mauleon.

Karen Strid-Chadwick

Jazz Piano:Karen Strid-Chadwick

Professor Strid-Chadwick coordinates all jazz activities and teaches History of Jazz, Jazz Theory I & II, coaches several jazz combos each semester and is the director of the UAA Jazz Ensemble.She heads the piano proficiency division for the department. She received her Bachelor of Music degree in theory and composition from Washington State University and a Masters of Arts degree from University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Brenda Vulgamore

Jazz Voice: Brenda Vulgamore Hune

Ms. Vulgamore Hune received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Sciences from Ohio Northern University.She has performed throughout the eastern and mid-western United States, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Ms. Vulgamore has over 35 years of professional performance experience, specializing in jazz, pop, ballads, fusion, Latin, scatting and belting.

Nick Petumenos

Jazz Guitar/Bass: Nick Petumenos

Mr. Petumenos was born in Anchorage, Alaska and studied music at UAA prior to completing his Bachelor of Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He plays a wide variety of instruments with a plethora of successful local ensembles, including Pamyua, H3, Superfrequency, Acai Brasilian ensemble and Rick Zelinsky's jazz ensemble.


Jazz Week At UAA

Jazz Week Mission Statement

Jazz Music and Dance is among the expressive arts. It is related both historically and philosophically to the existence of humankind. The mission of Jazz Week is to participate in the development, dissemination and application of jazz music and dance through high quality instruction, research and performances to the public. Jazz Week seeks to serve all who have the ability and interest in jazz. To ensure the responsible development and delivery of jazz music and dance programs, Jazz Week involves UAA students and local citizens in planning programs and services and coordinates with school districts and local businesses.

Past UAA Jazz Week Guest Artists


Toshiko Akioyshi (piano)


Randy Brecker (trumpet) and Eliane Elias (piano)


The Richie Cole (sax) Quartet


The Ernestine Anderson (voice) Quartet


The Johnny Griffin (sax) Quartet; Bruce Smith & Caton Lyles (dance)


Bobby Hutcherson (vibes) and Kenny Barron (piano), Billy Siegenfeld (dance) and Jeannie Hill (dance)


Marcus Roberts (piano) and Thea Barnes (dance)


Steve Erquiaga (guitar) and Katherine Kramer (dance)


Don Lanphere (sax), Katherine Kramer (dance)


Carl Fontana (trombone), Katherine Kramer (dance)


Jay Thomas (trumpet and sax)


Don Lanphere (sax), Heather Cornell (dance) Jeannie Hill (dance) and Eddie Ornowski, drums


Hal Galper (piano) Trio, Don Lanphere with "New Stories" and "Soundsation" vocal group from Edmonds Community College


Don Lanphere, Jonathan Pugh (trumpet) with "New Stories" with Marc Seales, Piano, Jon Bishop, drums and Doug Miller, bass

Kristin Korb (bass) Barney McClure (piano) Katherine Kramer (dance)


Dave Frank (piano)


Rebeca Mauleon Quartet, and Katherine Kramer (dance)


Dave Frank (piano), John Stowell (guitar), Chase Sanborn (trumpet)


Virginia Mayhew (sax), Allison Miller (drums), Dan Balmer (guitar), Barney McClure (Hammond B-3), Katherine Kramer (dance), Carl Preacher (piano)


Jay Thomas (trumpet and sax), Becca Duran (voice), John Hansen (piano) and Pamela Davis (Gospel Piano and vocal conducting)


Rebeca Mauleon (piano), Edgardo Cambon, (percussion), Gary Brown (bass), Jimmy Branly (drums), Katherine Kramer (dance), Kenneth Metzker (drums) Valeria Pinheiro (dance) and Angelo Marcio Martins (percussion)




Jay Thomas (tenor sax and trumpet), Becca Duran (voice), Barney McClure (Hammond B-3 organ), Mike Denny (guitar) and Diamond Fuller (drums)


Jovino Santos Neto (piano), Katherine Kramer (dance), Jeff Busch (percussion), Mark Ivester (drums), Chuck Deardorf (bass), Tony Martin (piano), Ray Kabia (voice)


Glenn White, (saxophone); Sept 2008

Dr. James Bolger, (guitar); Oct. 2008

Hal Galper, (piano), John Bishop, (drums), Jeff Johnson, (bass); March 2009


Tom Coster, (piano) March 2010

with The United States Air Force Band of the Pacific, "The Greatlanders"


Giacomo Gates, jazz vocalist, Dave Frank pianist and Dan Balmer, guitarist, Katherine Kramer, jazz tap


Howie Smith, saxophonist