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Info about a recent successful production...  Kismet!

Kismet (Fate) is an enchanting story about the life journey of a devoted father and his daughter in an exotic Persian setting.  The corrupt police official Wazir, his seductive wife Lalume, the wise poet Omar, the noble young prince Caliph, the brigand chief Jawon, along with harem attendants and Wazir's council complete the colorful kaleidoscope of characters.  The delightfully romantic and charming music was inspired by Russian composer Alexander Borodin, and feature excerpts from his Symphonies I and II, the Polovestian Dances, the opera Prince Igor, and the second String Quartet.

The second year of the apprenticeship with Anchorage Opera, this past spring was an eventful one for the UAA Opera Ensemble.  Special masterclasses were lead by internationally renowned conductor Timothy Myers, mezzo soprano Sherri Weiler and baritone Armando Mora.  Guest artist Richard Gordon from new York City coached the apprentices and acted as music director for the production.  Percussionist Erika Ninoyu joined Maestro Gordon in an array of special instruments that provided the middle eastern colors in the accompaniment and incidental music.  Stage direction was by Mari Hahn, lighting design was by Cedar Cussins.

The set design was conceived by cast members Amber Gauthier and Nathan Huey, supervised by UAA Theater faculty Fran Lautenberger and Anita Algiene.  The production featured two different casts:

April 8 and 9 2010:  Anthony Oliva (Poet); Jane Park Drebert (Marsinah); Amarayah Robinson (Lalume); Merrill Flint (Wazir); Kate Schwarzer (Ayah); Mark Bautista (Omar); Nathan Huey (Merchant and Council); George Yang (Merchant and Council); Sujin Scott (Princess Ababu); Kaitlyn Collums, Sara Acharya and Sara Cannon (Lalume's Attendants)

April 10 and 11 2010:  Alex Pierce (Poet): Amber Gauthier (Marsinah): Heather Faust (Lalume); George Yang (Wazir); Sara Acharya (Ayah); Mark Bautista (Omar); Nathan Huey (Merchant and Council); George Yang (Merchant and Council); Sujin Scott (Princess Ababu); Kaitlyn Collums, Kate Schwarzer, and Sara Cannon (Lalume's Attendants)

April 8, 9, and 10 2010 at 7:30 PM, and the 11th at 4PM, UAA Fine Arts Recital Hall. 

Link here to the opera apprenticeship webpage...learn about UAA's connection with Anchorage Opera! (link)