What is AkNOS?

The Alaska Native Oratory Society (AkNOS) is more than a speaking event. AkNOS offers a platform for Alaska Native students to share stories, songs, and address issues that are meaningful to them. It is a sharing and learning gathering that is based on Alaska Native community values.  It provides an opportunity for students to develop their skills in oratory in a supportive environment.  AkNOS was started twelve years ago, originally as a competition. In 2011, it became a celebration of oratory and the competitive element was eliminated. The speech categories include: Alaska Native language; humor; real life stories; rap/spoken word; music/poetry, and declamatory speech. These categories help Native and non-Native students learn, in a supportive environment, to speak out on issues of importance to their communities and regions.



April 2015 AkNOS Statewide Event


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