Native Early Transition (NET) Program

Native Student Services offers the Native Early Transition (NET) program beginning the week before the traditional start of each fall semester.  First-time freshmen from both rural and urban communities attend a 4-day program aimed at easing rural student transitions and supporting their academic and social success as UAA.  Activities are offered to familiarize incoming students to the services offered at UAA, to finalize college paperwork, and make new friends before the semester starts. 

In addition to the 4-day program, there will be gatherings throughout the academic year which will offer social activities such as gym nights and game nights, workshops that focus on freshman tips, and more. Students will also be able to speak one-on-one with NSS advisors. 

NSS will be providing meals during the 4-day program. However, students must remember to bring enough "start-up" money to cover neccessary items for their room, school books/supplies, ect. Shopping trips will be provided in the evenings during the program. Students will also participate in Howl Days offered through New Student Orientation during the NET program. The cost is $75 and will be charged to their student account before the program begins. There is no fee to apply for the NET program. 

Another opportunity available to students who participate in the NET program and are living on-campus is to live in the Rural Alaska wing. NSS partners with Residence Life to provide a learning/living community that helps build a peer support network through academic, social and cultural programming. Students will have direct access to NSS support staff for assistance and guidance through the year. The wing is located in North hall and has twenty five spaces available. There are a variety of living/learning communities to choose from on-campus. If interested please reference the Rural Alaska wing flyer below.  

The deadline to apply for the program was Monday June 16, 2014. Thank you for your interest. The program is now full for fall 2014. 

Click on the pictures to download flyers. 

NET 2014 flyerNSS Learning Community Flyer


Please call Casey Sifsof, Student Success Coordinator, at 1-866-786-4804 or email for more information.