International Opportunities for Faculty, Staff, & Administrators

Fulbright Programs

U.S. faculty, administrators, and professionals have wonderful opportunities to lecture, conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields, or to participate in seminars through the Fulbright Scholar Programs (

Fulbright Student Programs ( offer grant opportunities for study, research, and English teaching assistantships.  Fulbright defines "students" as individuals who will have a B.A. or the equivalent but not a doctorate by the published deadline (exceptions apply). OIIA serves faculty and staff applying for Fulbright programs, while students work with the UAA Honors College. 

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International Faculty-Led Programs (IFLPs)

In order to meet the needs of our diverse student body, which includes a high percentage of non-traditional students, UAA encourages faculty to develop short-term educational experiences with international components.  UAA faculty partner with OIIA to develop such programs. 

Planning begins at least 12 to 18 months in advance of the program with the submission of the International Faculty-Led Pre-Proposal Form to the Office of International & Intercultural Affairs.  The pre-proposal needs to be endorsed by the Department Chair and Dean or Director (or designee) prior to submission.

Once the pre-proposal has been approved at all levels, the real planning begins.  Program leaders need to give considerable thought not only to the curriculum, but also to the logistical details, risk management and safety issues, marketing strategies and materials, etc. OIIA strongly encourages Program Leaders to meet with us as often as necessary during the planning stage to develop a high quality, well thought out proposal, the details of which are then recorded in the following documents (please contact OIIA to receive these documents):

  • International Faculty-Led Program Proposal

  • International Faculty-Led Program Budget Worksheet

  • International Faculty-Led Program Essential Tasks Agreement

  •   Syllabus

The full proposal will then undergo a thorough review.  Final approval is needed from the Department Chair, Dean or Director (or designee), and the Director of International & Intercultural Affairs before the program can be marketed to students.


Teaching Opportunities with AHA

UAA affords faculty the opportunity to teach at a number of AHA International program sites through their association with the University of Oregon. The application cycle begins in late fall.

To explore this opportunity further, please contact Leslie Tuovinen, Interim Director (786-4135 or  You are also encouraged to visit the following web pages:

Semester at Sea

UAA's study abroad partner, Semester at Sea (, hires faculty as well as staff for academic voyages around the world.


Other Oportunities

Opportunities also exist through UAA's bilateral exchange agreements and the University of the Arctic (see our north2north page), of which UAA is a member.