UAA's Vision

UAA students, faculty, staff, and communities will be better prepared to live and work in ever-changing economies and societies within diverse, multicultural communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

UAA will be highly regarded for international and intercultural learning and engagement.


UAA International and Intercultural Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand one's own culture(s) within an Alaskan, national and global context.
  2. Apply knowledge and critical thinking to global and cultural issues, trends, and systems, and use diverse frames of reference to address problems.
  3. Communicate and connect with people in other communities to extend one's own access to information, experiences and understanding.
  4. Foster additional languages, including Alaska Native languages, as a component of the UAA experience.
  5. Develop an informed critical awareness and understanding of cultural differences, similarities and ambiguities.
  6. Gain an Alaskan, national and international perspective on careers.
(Approved on March 9, 2012)