Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

For: Seniors and recent graduates
Field: All fields; financial need
UAA Campus Deadline:  Friday, February 6, 2009 
Web site: www.jackkentcookefoundation.org

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship awards scholarships to outstanding students beginning their first graduate or professional degree. The scholarship awards cover a portion of educational costs, including tuition, living expenses, books and other required fees for a maximum of six years. The amount and duration vary by student, based on the cost of attendance and length of the program as well as other scholarships or grants received. The maximum amount available for each scholar is $50,000 per year. Scholars may pursue any graduate or professional degree at any accredited college or university.

Students applying for the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship need to be nominated by their home institution.  UAA can nominate two students for this scholarship.  The UAA Campus deadline is Friday, February 6, 2009.  Students must complete the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship application (both online and supporting documents) by Friday, February 6, 2009.  The application materials will be reviewed by a UAA Faculty committee and two students will be nominated from UAA. 

Students need to use the Jack Kent Cooke online scholarship application to apply.  The electronic application includes an online application form and two letters of recommendation.  Students must finish the online application by February 6, 2009.  The supporting documents - official college transcript, applicant tax forms, parent financial information forms, and parent tax forms - need to be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (RH 119) by Friday, February 6. 

If you have any questions about the application process at UAA, please contact Jill Taylor (anjmg6@uaa.alaska.edu) or 907-786-1549. 

Visit the Jack Kent Cooke website for application materials.  Follow the link on the right to scholarship information.   

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