2005-2006 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

undefinedDorene Asay-Wilkinson (BA, Philosophy): "The Implications of Foundational Epistemology on Date Rape and the Law" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentors: Tom Buller and Stephanie Bauer



undefinedStephanie Engel
(BSW, Social Work): "Assessing Caregiver Needs to Develop a Caregiver Support Program" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Tracey Burke




undefinedSofia Lagos (BM, Music): "Classical Era Research/Perfomance Project" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Mark Wolbers




undefinedJessica Reyna (BA, Psychology): "Meeting Places and the Longevity of Relationships: Distal Factors of Correlation" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Robert Boeckmann




undefinedReem Sheikh (BS, Biological Sciences): "Fluorescent Analyses of Asthma Associated Mucin Protein Expression Exposure to Environmental Contaminants" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Carol Jones



undefinedG. Matthew Snodgrass (BA, Justice): "Sexual Assault Case Processing: A Model of Attrition and Decision Making" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Andre Rosay





Joshua Anderson (BS, Geological Science): "Source and Transport of Granite Glacial Erratics in Chugach Mountains" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Kristine Crossen

Ruby Kennell (BFA, Art): “Dysfunction: An Exploration on Relationships” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentors: Kat Tomka and Sean Licka

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