2006-2007 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Vanessa BergstedtVanessa Bergstedt (BS, Chemistry): “An Investigation of Chlorohydroxy Fatty Acids” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: John Kennish
Award amount: $1100




Arthur SchultzArthur Schultz (BS, Biological Sciences): “Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Stylaster Corals in Alaska” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: S.V. Drovetski
Award amount: $2000





Desire SheplerDesire Shepler (BA, Psychology): “Effects of Yoga on Self-Objectification in Adolescent Girls” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Gwen Lupfer-Johnson
Award amount: $1451




Christopher SmithChristopher Smith (BA, Anthropology):  “Tlingit Tourist Art 1870 to Present” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Phyllis Fast
Award amount: $1552




Nevada StartNevada Start (BM, Music Education) and group members Joseph Bourgeois (BA, Music), Nate Foerster (BA, Music), Destiny Jeffery (BM, Music Education), and Adam Weber (BM, Music Education):  “University Guitar Ensemble Research and Performance Project” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Rozanne Wilson-Marsh
Award amount: $2500


Rachel SteerRachel Steer (BA, Journalism): “Belugas and Bridges: A Rhetorical Analysis of Public Science Communication in Southcentral Alaska” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Jacqueline Cason
Award amount: $890





Revathy Thigarajan-SmithRevathy Thiagarajan-Smith (BS, Chemistry): “Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Bowhead Whale and Alaskan Sea Otters” (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: John Kennish





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