2007-2008 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients


Jeremy ChignellJeremy Chignell (Biology):  "Effects of Nutrients and Light Availability on the Nature of Sphagnum Exudates with Respect to Bacterial Growth"
Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson, Biology



Rebecca RobinsonRebecca Volino Robinson (Psychology):  "Postpartum Depression, Social Support, and Perception of Birth"
Faculty Mentor: Claudia Lampman, Psychology
Abstract  Proposal



Paul BilodeauPaul Bilodeau (Engineering):  "Design of Three-Dimensional Precision Positioning Compliant Mechanism"
Faculty Mentor: Nicolae Lobontiu, Engineering
Abstract   Proposal


Eric Mathews (Chemistry):  "Investigation of Chlorinated Fatty Acids within Phospholipids Classes Found in Tissue of Alaskan Sea Otters"
Faculty Mentor: John Kennish, Chemistry
Abstract  Proposal

Austin Roach (Music):  "A Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik): A Musical Study and Performance of Mozartian Style"
Faculty Mentor: Mark Wolbers, Music
Group Members: Mario Ayerdis, Lance Hagood, Kacee Muth, Sofia Lagos, and Brian Moon

Kali BennettKali Bennett (Art):  "Sensorium: A Photographic Exploration of Man and Nature"
Faculty Mentor: Mariano Gonzales, Art
Abstract  Proposal




Spring 2007 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Alison Eshenower (BS Biochemistry): "Cold Sensitivity in S. cerevisiae histone H2A Mutants" (Abstract)
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences

Kevin Connaker (BS Geological Sciences): "The Occurrence and Speciation of Iron and Associated Potentially Toxic Metals in Groundwater of Anchorage, Alaska: A Focus on Private Drinking Water Wells" (Abstract)
Faculty Mentor:  LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences

Eric Addison (BS Engineering): "Combining Geophysics and Geochemistry to Understand the Amomalous Occurence of Permafrost in Anchorage, Alaska" (Abstract)
Faculty Mentor: Jens Munk, Engineering and LeeAnn Munk, Geological Sciences

Andrew Yaden (BS Natural Sciences): "Contingent Valuation of Visibility in Seward, Alaska" (Abstract)
Faculty Mentor: Steve Colt, Economics

Randy Ashford (BS Psychology): "Coexistence Dynamics: Testing an Integrative Model of Human Conflict" (Abstract)
Faculty Mentor: Shelley Theno, Psychology, KPC

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