2003-2004 Undergraduate Research Grant Award Recipients

Carmen Hanson - BS, Biological Sciences: "A Cellular Model for Modulation of the Immune Regulator RANTES by Environmental Contaminates" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Carol Jones

Ryan Kingrea - BA, Philosophy: "Defense of R.M. Dworkin's Jurisprudence" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Jennifer Everett

Jolene Rearick - BS, Biological Sciences: "Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Eelgrass in Southeastern Alaska" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Garry Davies

Nikolai Petrov - BS, Civil Engineering: "Comparison Study on Linear-Elastic and Nonlinear-Inelastic Seismic Responses in Fluid-Tank Systems" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentors: He Liu and Joey Yang

Mandy Yan - BA, Journalism and Public Communication: "Person Perception" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman