2004-2005 Undergraduate Research Grant Award Recipients

Heather Arkinson - BS, Civil Engineering: "Investigation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Anchorage Water Sources" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Craig Woolard

Julia Cohen – BS Geological Sciences: "Contributions of Chemical Weathering of Bedrock to Natural Waters in Anchorage, Alaska" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: LeeAnn Munk

Virginia Cress
- BS, Psychology: "An Examination of the Relationship Between Hardiness, Stress and Health-Promoting Behaviors Among College Students" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

Cedar Cussins - BA, Theatre: "Homeless at 20 Below: A Photographic Investigation of Life" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Thomas Skore

Joel Matthew Hunt - BA, Justice: "Ecology of Gun Crime in Anchorage Alaska: Testing the Collective Efficacy Measure as an Indicator of Crime Rates" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Sharon Chamard

Cassie Iutzi-Mitchell - BA, Languages: "Linguistic and Cultural Barriers to Health Care for Spanish-speaking Patients in Anchorage: A Qualitative Analysis" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Francisco Miranda

Lorraine Perez Castillo- BS, Biological Sciences: "Identification of ISWI Chromatin Remodeling Complex(es) Required for Eye Development and Cataract Prevention" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Jocelyn Krebs

Rebecca Prieto - BA, Psychology: "Minority Disparity in College Retention: An Examination of Alaska Native Retention Programs at the University of Alaska Anchorage" (View Abstract)
Faculty mentor: Claudia Lampman

Eric Sjoden - BS, Biological Sciences: "Rapid Evolutionary Divergence of Sculpin in Bering Glacier Region, Alaska" 
Faculty mentor: Frank von Hippel (View Abstract)