2010-2011 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2010 Grant Recipients

weaverJustin Weaver
(Computer Science): "Iris Recognition for Continuous Biometric User Authentication"
Faculty Mentor:  Kenrick Mock, Computer Science

KingGloria King (Theatre):  "Applause Rising Talent Showcase"
Faculty Mentor:  Daniel Anteau, Theatre and Dance

Adam_ButlerAdam Butler (Psychology): "The Effect of Short Duration Mindfulness Meditation on Attention and Stress"
Faculty Mentor:  Robert Boeckmann, Psychology

Erica_ChenowethErica Chenoweth (Natural Sciences:  "Winston S. Churchill's Autobiography: My Early Life"
Faculty Mentor:  James Muller, Political Science

danielle giles23Danielle Giles
(Philosophy):   "Food Security in Anchorage:  Risky Business or Helpful Strategy?"  Faculty Mentor:  Raymond Anthony, Philosophy

Candace Ede
(Chemistry):  "Determination of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Anchorage Wastewater and Streams" 
Faculty Mentor:  John Kennish, Chemistry

NashDavid Nash (Biological Sciences):  "Characterizing the Expression of Transgenic Polyglutamine Repeat Proteins in A. thaliana"
Faculty  Mentor:  Ben Harrison, Biological Sciences

Spring 2011 Grant Recipients

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