Dylan Dodd

Dylan Dodd

Term Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Moral Psychology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion

Office: ADM 255
Email: dododd@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907.786.4869



Recent Publications:

"The Cookie Paradox." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, forthcoming.

Scepticism and Perceptual Justification (co-editor with Elia Zardini). Oxford University Press, 2014.

"How to Motivate Scepticism." pp. 337-355 in D. Dodd and E. Zardini (eds.), Scepticism and Perceptual Justification, Oxford University Press, 2014.

"Roger White's Argument Against Imprecise Credences." British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 64 (2013): 69-77.

"Counterfactuals and Chance: Reply to Williams." Analytic Philosophy, 53 (2012): 362-5.

"Evidentialism and Skeptical Arguments." Synthese, 189 (2012): 337-52.

"Safety, Skepticism, and Lotteries." Erkenntnis, 77 (2012): 95-120.

"Against Fallibilism." Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 89 (2011): 665-85.

"Quasi-Miracles, Typicality, and Counterfactuals." Synthese, 179 (2011): 351-60.

"Indexicals and Utterance Production" (with Paula Sweeney). Philosophical Studies 150 (2010): 331-48.

"Confusion About Concessive Knowledge Attributions." Synthese, 172 (2010): 381-96.

"Weakness of Will as Intention-Violation." European Journal of Philosophy, 17 (2009): 45-59.

Recent Presentations:

"The Cookie Paradox and its Epistemic Cousins." Northern Institute of Philosophy, University of Aberdeen (Scotland), October 2013.

"Should You Trust Your Senses? The Problem with Philosophical Skepticism." University of Alaska Anchorage Bookstore (presentation for the general public), September 2013.

"The Cookie Paradox." Portland State University, April 2013.

"Cookies and Surprise Exams." 

   -American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division meeting, March 2013.

   -Northwest Philosophy Conference, Oregon State University, October 2012.

"Belief and Certainty."

   -Epistemology workshop, Queens University Belfast (Northern Ireland), June 2012.

   -Formal Epistemology Week, University of Kontanz (Germany), June 2012.

"Safety Theory, Counterfactuals, and Scepticism." University of Aarhus (Denmark), April 2012.

"Roger White's Argument Against Imprecise Credences." American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division meeting, April 2012.