Important Information About Your Template(s)

Do Not Enter Information into the Program Summary or the Criterion Summary.

We cannot turn these off because of work on the Functions side; however, those answers will not be scored by the task force. We are going to set the word count at 1, so you can’t accidently enter information here. 

If you have already entered information in either of these areas, you will not lose your write up. Please cut/paste your answer into the right question. When you try to edit or approve the write-up, an error message about having too many words will appear if there is more than 1 word in any of those boxes.

In Addition:

  • 'Size, Scope & Productivity' was allowing 500 words but is should have been 200 words.
  • 'Costs' was allowing 500 words but it should have been 200 words.

The questions are being reset with the correct word limit. If you entered more than 200 words in those questions, it will give you an error when you save your next changes. You will not lose what you have written, but you will need to reduce the number of words.

Completing the Templates

Download Academic Program Template and Rubric (pdf)

Download Academic Program Template (docx)

Download Academic Program List (xlsx)

Download the Data Dictionary (pdf)


Template Deadlines

Beginning on April 4, and every Friday thereafter until May 9, each department should submit at least 2 templates to the AcTF until they have completed their templates.

Thus, if a department has only 2 templates, all of their templates are due on April 4.  If a department has twelve templates, they have a minimum of 2 per week due starting April 4.  If a department has more than twelve templates, they can turn in only 2 per week and the remainder are due May 9, or they can turn in more per week to distribute the workload. It is at the discretion of the departments to choose which templates to submit each week.