• The Support Task Force is proud to announce 100% submission by template deadline!We appreciate the hard work each function put into the process, and we are eager to begin reading your work. Thank you!

On behalf of the Support Task Force (STF), thank you for participating in the UAA Prioritization process. The goal of this process is to align long-term strategic resource allocation with those support functions identified as central to our future. It also provides a means to ensure that the best mix of support functions needed to sustain our institutional mission and to position UAA for future opportunities and challenges are in place. There are roughly 190 support functions being analyzed. A parallel process is reviewing UAA's academic programs. The process focuses on the quality, productivity, and centrality of all supporting functions. The results will be used by UAA's leadership and other groups (such as the PBAC) to make the best decisions in allocating existing and future resources.

Supporting Documents

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Download Support Function Rubric (pdf)

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