The Psychology Department Director is Dr. Claudia Lampman

Most faculty in the Psychology Department have three parts in their workloads: teaching, service to students and the community, and research. Their research interests vary widely, including research on

· animal models of alcohol use,
· animal models of food preferences,
· resiliency and coping among disadvantaged youth,
· perceptions of social justice,
· coping with stressful events,
· media depictions of women,
· risk-taking by adolescents and young adults,
· substance use and abuse in Alaska,
· mental-health services in Alaska,
· forensic issues,
· health promotion,
· biofeedback,
· applied psychophysiology,
· health care beliefs, cohort analysis, and ethnogeriatrics
· gerontology and issues surrounding aging in Alaska.

Other faculty have two parts in their workloads: teaching, and service to students and the community. These faculty bring important experience in the practice of psychological testing and psychotherapy, and working with special-needs populations in Alaska, experiences that enrich their teaching. These experiences include work with:

· child psychotherapy,
· victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse,
· experiences of gay male couples in Alaska,
· marriage and family therapy.