Rebecca Bosek

Term Professor
Office: SSB 216
Phone: (907) 786-1625


Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies 2002University of Alaska-Fairbanks, AK ; M.S. CounselingPsychology 1990 ; University of Alaska-Anchorage, AK ; B.A.Anthropology 1978 ; University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, MN

Teaching Responsibilities
  • Lifespan Development
  • Human Sexuality
  • Psychology of Women
  • Field Experience in Psychology
  • Human Development in a Cutural Context

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Bosek, R. L., & Ward, K. M. (2003). Community-based support servicesfor women who exhibit

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Ward, K. M., & Bosek, R. L. (2002). Behavioral risk management:Supporting individuals with developmental disabilities who exhibitinappropriate sexual behaviors in community settings. Research and Practicefor Persons with Severe Disabilities, 27(1), 27-42.

Professional and Departmental Service

  • Advisor for Minors in Psychology
  • Member of the State of Alaska Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education Expanded Justice Advisory Board


Research Interests

  • Applied research on domestic violence and people with developmental disabilities in conjunction with the UAA Center for Human Development.