Keys, Keycards & Building Security

Keys and Keycards

;After you check into your room or apartment you will be issued a keycard (MAC) or a PIN number (Residence Halls and Templewood).  This keycard or PIN must remain in your possession and not be given to any friend, guest, or roommate.  This is for your safety and the safety of your fellow residents.  Lock your bedroom door when you leave, and keep your apartment or suite door locked at all times, even when you or your roommates are at home.  The security of your apartment or suite depends on you and your fellow residents.  Report lost keys, WOLFcards, PINs or keycards immediately to the UHDCS office for replacement at 751-7202.  Lost keycards will be replaced at a charge of $25.00 each.  Broken keycards will be replaced via work order at no charge only when an identifiable piece of the original card is turned in to the Housing office.  Lost WOLFcards will be replaced at a charge of $10.00.

Building Security

University keycards and garage door openers assigned to you should be kept with you at all times and never with a friend, in your mailbox, or otherwise out of your possession.  Please only enter by those doors which can be opened by your keycard. Be sure any door you enter, exit, or pass by is closed, latched and locked behind you. Never allow an individual access who is not your guest.

Access to residential community living spaces is restricted to residents of a specific residence hall or apartment and their escorted guests.  To ensure the safety and privacy of the residential community, UAA Residence Halls (North, East, West) require a 100% ID check for residents and their guests during hall front desk hours in which residents will be required to show their UAA Wolfcard to the front desk attendant. All guests must present a valid form of identification (government issued) listing their date of birth, a photo ID, and card identification number. Guests must be escorted by a resident at all times. Do not let someone in the building who is not your guest. Even though you may not think it is a big deal, unescorted guests compromise your own safety and the safety of every other resident in the building. Suspicious persons and individuals who cannot explain their presence should be asked to leave and immediately reported to University Police at 786-1120 or a Residence Life staff member.