UAA's residential community is surrounded by wooded areas, a creek, and protected wetlands. We often have the unique opportunity to witness, up close, various species of wildlife including moose, ducks, geese, and beavers. Please respect our coexistence with these and other creatures that may visit. Do not pet, feed, or approach any of these animals for any reason. Moose, especially mothers with a nearby calf, have been known to charge. Feeding animals disrupts their search for food and endangers their survival. Enjoy our unique setting from a safe distance, but please do not disturb the animals!

For your safety, Resident Advisers, employed by DRL, are on duty from 5:00 pm to 8:00am weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends and University holidays.  The RA on Duty for your community may be reached by dialing the number listed below:

RA Duty Numbers:

  • Main Apartment Complex (MAC):  529.9176
  • North Hall:  529.9177
  • East Hall & Templewood: 529.9178
  • West Hall: 529.9179
  • University Police: 786.1120

Twenty-four hour police service is provided on campus by UPD. Uniformed officers, commissioned by the State of Alaska, routinely patrol campus buildings, parking lots and the on-campus living community. To contact University Police, dial 6-1120 from any on-campus phone, or 786-1120 from an off-campus, cell, or public pay phone.