University of Alaska Anchorage

Ecology and Physiological Ecology in Alaska
Summer 2014 Application

Program Dates: June 1 - August 8, 2014


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At you current institution, what is the highest degree offered in biology, ecology or another related scientific field? (check one above)

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Describe an experience you have had living and working with a small group of people (other than your family), if you have had one. What did you like most about the experience, and what did you like least? If you have not had such an experience, explain what you think you would like most and least about working closely with others on a field project.

What skill or expertise do you have that you might be able to share with your teammates on a project? Your response could address wilderness or camping skills, people skills, field research skills, organizational skills, or other attributes.




If you are having any difficulties submitting this application or it is not listed as received within 3 business days at the Received Materials ( page, please contact the REU staff at (907) 786-1721 or email Sara Kamahele.

Field research in this program may be conducted in remote regions of Alaska with no access to public services. Students requiring accommodations or modification to participate in this program have a responsibility to contact the Disability Accommodations Coordinator in the UAA Disability Support Services at least one month before the start of the program. (To contact UAA Disability Support Services; call: 907-786-4536)