Currently accepting applications for 2015/2016!

The deadline for submission of the UA Scholarship Application is February 15 prior to the academic year for which you are seeking scholarships, but there are some scholarships that accept applications all year long, so consider applying or making amendments to your application today.

To begin the process, complete the UA Online scholarship application. 

Detailed instructions are outlined here: UAA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS


Already submitted your UAOnline scholarship application? Here's what to do next:

Don't forget that some scholarships require supplemental information in addition to the UAOnline application.
Use the tabs on the left side of this page to view a complete list of UAA scholarships by the College you belong to and don't forget to check through the UAA General & Misc. Scholarships to view scholarships that all students, regardless of degree program, may be eligible to apply for.  Although there is only one main, scholarship application, scholarship titles followed by an asterisk (*) require some form of supplemental, additional information. 
Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship
There are two reasons why completing the FAFSA is important. Some scholarships require that students demonstrate "financial need" to receive an award. What does it mean to "demonstrate financial need"? Financial need is the difference between annual college expenses and a determination of what a family can afford to contribute toward those costs. So don't skip filling out the FAFSA and applying for "need based" scholarships, just because you and your family don't qualify for financial aid.  Demonstrating "financial need" and being eligible for federal/state grants are not the same thing.  The second reason why filling out the FAFSA is important is because it provides biographical information that can be used to help identify eligible applicants for some scholarships.

First time UAA students...

To be considered for UAA scholarships, must have applied for admission by February 15th.  You must also submit a partial high school transcript (final high school transcripts are typically required for Admission purposes upon graduation) in order for us to evaluate your GPA and determine whether you meet the GPA requirements for individual scholarships. 


Need assistance writing your scholarship essay?

Don't let spelling and grammar mistakes prevent you from receiving a scholarship.  Campus resources are available to help you write an error-free essay.  Take advantage of these resources!
  1. UAA Writing Center: No appointments are necessary to meet with a Writing Center tutor.  Tutoring services are available on a first come, first served basis.  To fully benefit from the tutoring services, be sure to bring a draft of your scholarship essay. 
  2. Career Services Center: Additional help may be available by appointment or via email from the UAA Career Services Center. 

Scholarship Notification Process

Students who receive a scholarship will have an award letter emailed to their UAA-generated email address.  Most award letters will be sent before June 1st.  Award letters also remind students of important terms & conditions, such as UAA Foundation scholarships require the recipient(s) to adhere to the University of Alaska Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Students unable to maintain/regain SAP eligibility, may lose out on all or a portion of their award.  Please note, only scholarship recipients will be notified, students who submit an application and are not selected for an award will not be notified, because awards can be made year-round, including summer semester. 

Recipients of scholarships are required to write a "thank you" letter to the donor(s) of the scholarship.

How to Write a Thank You Letter

Should you have further questions, feel free to contact the UAA Scholarship Coordinator via
Email: or call UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance @ 907.786.1480 

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