Take the Next Step!

Once you have submitted your UAOnline Scholarship Application, you are not necessarily finished. Here are some important things to remember:

Submit Supplemental Information

If you wish to be considered for specific scholarships with additional requirements, you must submit any required supplemental information. Some scholarships only state that they prefer certain qualifications. We still recommend that you apply to these scholarships even if you don't meet all the requirements.

Apply for College-Specific Scholarships

Many UAA Scholarships are specific to a college or program. Because of the more specific requirements for these scholarships, the pool of applicants is much smaller. We therefore recommend that you apply to scholarships within your program before General Scholarships, because your chance of receiving these scholarships is much higher. A list of scholarships by college can be found on the navigation tab to the left.

Continue to Edit Your UA Online Scholarship Essay

Remember, you can still make changes to your Scholarship Essay on UAOnline even if you have submitted it. As you pursue other scholarships through UAA, reshaping your application will increase your chances of receiving scholarships. If you need assistance writing your UAOnline Application Essays, check out our page on How to Write Scholarship Essays.

Complete the FAFSA

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used for two things:

  1. The FAFSA provides biographical information that may be used to help identify eligible applicants for some scholarships.
  2. Some scholarships require that students demonstrate "financial need" to receive an award. "Financial need" is measured by the difference between annual college expenses and the potential amount that your family can afford to contribute. Please don't skip applying for "need based" scholarships, just because you and your family don't qualify for "financial need." Lacking federally-defined "financial need" does not mean you are ineligible for scholarships at UAA.

Note for First-time UAA students

To be considered for UAA scholarships, you must apply for admission before February 15th of the year you seek scholarship funds. You must also submit a partial high school transcript to evaluate whether you meet the GPA requirements of a given scholarship.

Scholarship Notification

If you would like to know what happens when you receive a scholarship, please visit our Scholarship Notification page.