If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive an award letter at your UA email address. Most award letters will be sent before June 1st. The award letter will also remind you about important terms and conditions. For example, UAA Foundation scholarships require recipients to adhere to the University of Alaska Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Students unable to maintain/ regain SAP eligibility, may lose out on all or a portion of their award. Only scholarship recipients will be notified. Students who submit an application and are not selected for an award will not be notified, because awards can be made year-round, including the summer semester.

Recipients of scholarships are required to write a "thank you" letter
to the donor(s) of the scholarship.

How to Write a Thank You Letter

If you have further unanswered questions, please contact the UAA Scholarship Coordinator:

Email: scholarships@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance @ 907.786.1480