Scholarship External Website Warning:

Cyber security is a shared responsibility. Join the Stop.Think.Connect. national campaign to engage the University community in promoting cyber security awareness and make using the internet a safer experience for everyone!

Throughout the academic year, students may receive various e-mail phishing campaigns soliciting scholarship opportunities. It has become increasingly more difficult to separate the legitimate offers from those that are seeking to mine valuable data from students. The UAA Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) would like to share the following resource information to help you differentiate authentic scholarship service companies from those less than charitable.

  • The National Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators is a trusted professional organization, offering published guidance on how to "Be a Smart Consumer".
  • The Federal Trade Commission provides additional information on the topic, along with appropriate steps to report a scam to the FTC and/or state Attorney General's Office.
  • The OnGuard Online website was created during the "Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign TM, led by the Department of Homeland Security." The "goal of the (campaign) is to help Americans understand the importance of practicing safe online behavior." This website offers up both personal and professional support to "educators, techies, parents" and more, in a multilingual-supported environment.
A good rule of thumb is always "Safety First!" Students are welcome to forward scholarship advertisements and information via e-mail to for review. The OSFA staff will do our best to evaluate the information and provide you with feedback. Remember: UAA Scholarships are ALWAYS resources with great integrity. Students are encouraged to apply at any time of the year via UAOnline and investigate supplemental requirements at the UAA OSFA Scholarship webpage.