UAA logos/branding (Branding and Profile Images)

Please visit the Office of Advancement's Standards and Logos website for information regarding university branding standards and images. If you choose to use an official UAA logo on your social media page, please use the following guidelines.

  • UAA logos to use on social media: Need to have Joe add the approved SM logos to the Advancement Standards and Logos page.

  • Please do not alter, stretch, distort or modify any of the UAA logos.

  • Ensure the proper resolution of the logo.

  • The UAA logos and Spirit mascot/logo are trademarked and copyrighted materials. If you have any questions regarding logo use, please contact the Office of Advancement.

  • If your department, program or group needs assistance in creating a profile photo image for your social media accounts, please contact Joe Nedland in University Relations at phone/email. (Not sure if we want to put this out there, but thought I'd put this in there just in case we do want to offer this service.)