Social Media Strategy

All of the information available about how to effectively use social media websites like Facebook can be a bit overwhelming. But really, it comes down to learning how you use the marketing tools they give you to raise awareness and create a positive perception of your organization, projects and services so that people will "like" your page or retweet your messages. Then, when they need the information or services you provide, they will think of you as the provider or expert.

Content, content, content

This can not be said enough--content, content, content. If you create and curate quality content over time, you will build an audience, and hopefully, this audience will form a community around your organization, project or services.

An approach

Now that you know that content is where it's at, how do you get people's attention and engagement?

Our approach for UAA social media websites is to develop and curate quality content to build trust with our community and audience over time. Starting out, our goal was to create a space that people could trust would consistently provide quality and appropriate content (no farmville on the UAA Facebook page).

Now that we have a community, our next step is to start "like baiting" as a way to get the attention of current fans and, hopefully, gain new fans.

Our approach is that we have a consistent stream of quality content and now we want to get people's attention so they know what we're up to.