Success on Facebook

There are several ways to define the success of your efforts on Facebook. One metric is a steady increase of fans and "likes." So, how do you do this?

Pages vs. Profiles

Generally, people have profiles and organizations, departments and clubs have pages. In the Facebook world, pages are administered by profiles (note: this is changing but, for now, this is still the recommended path).

Setting up your profiles and pages

  • We highly recommend creating a "departmental/organizational" profile that is linked with a UAA departmental email account.

  • Set the privacy settings so that this profile is as invisible as possible.

  • Use this profile to create and administer your page.

  • Share the login username and password with at least two people in your office.

  • Add at least one other profile to administer the page. This way, when someone forgets the login, you can still get in and administer the page.

Facebook Posts x Engagement = EdgeRank

What is EdgeRank?

  • EdgeRank is an algorithm used by Facebook to determine which posts flow through your ‘NewsFeed’
  • Your EdgeRank will increase based on how much interactivity people have with your posts (Likes, Comments, Shares)
  • If your EdgeRank is low, your posts will not appear in all of your fan’s NewsFeed

Simple ways to increase your EdgeRank

  • "Like" Baiting/No Brainers – ask your fans to ‘Like’ a post for a fun reason:

    Click “Like” if you can’t wait to go fishing!
  • Famous quotes – everyone loves them, there are tons of great quotes:

    “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” - Henry B. Adams

  • True/False questions – post a bold statement, let your community discuss amongst themselves whether or not they agree

  • “This” or “That” question – quick way to poll your fans on their preference or start a conversation

  • Fill in the Blank statement – people more likely to engage with a post that spells out very easily what is wanted from them:

    After finals I am going to ___________.

  • Add Photos or Videos to your posts – combine all of the previous post tactics with photos or videos to create an more engagement.

Quick tips

  • Keep some diversity in your posts, not all text-only

  • Do not spam your audience!Remember, with Facebook you own your audience. You have access to them 24/7. Do not abuse this relationship.