Why Social Media? 5 reasons.

identity | conversation | sharing | presence | relationships | reputation | groups


You work at a university. Students are a prime target audience.

Social media blend socializing with technology. These different avenues offer a very contemporary avenue to channel information your audience needs and/or that you want them to have.

Typical channels: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, various blogging platforms, podcasts


Lets you develop your community. It’s a relationship, not a fire hose.

Interactivity is a measure of success. Engage with your audience by remarking on their comments to your post, answering any questions that come through, genuinely being an ear for feedback. Can be a venue for relevant discussion. Network.


Storytelling potential. Celebrate success.

Create anticipation for events you want your audience to participate in. Natural serialized story arc – we’re planning, come join us. We’ve got the date. We’ve got list of the activities. Here’s the event schedule. It’s tomorrow!!! We had so much fun! Here are the pictures!


It’s visual and some of it is very mobile-friendly.

Platforms let you post with photos and video.  And people can access the message when convenient for them, even though you get in the door 24/7.


Let’s you share the storytelling.

See No. 2.  The gates are down and the gatekeeper’s tools are available for everyone.

Why not enlist the voices in your community. REMINDER: all social media channels operate under the same guidelines as all university communications: Strive for inclusivity, accuracy, appropriateness.


identity | conversation | sharing | presence | relationships | reputation | groups