Welcome MSW Students

Welcome Current MSW Field Education Students.
Below you will find forms, manuals, and additional information needed to succeed in your Field Education experience.

MSW Field Education Placement Process
This form relays the step-by-step process of Field Education Placement for the MSW Student.

MSW Field Education Manual
The manual is a summary of the current policies and procedures of the School of Social Work. The purpose of this manual is to serve as a resource to students and field agency personnel.

Current Field Education Sites
Every effort is made by the field faculty to recruit a wide range of agencies, field instructors, and client populations served that reflect the diversity of the community.

MSW Student Handbook
The MSW Student Handbook is a valuable resource for students and is provided free to all MSW Students to empower you with the information necessary to be successful academically and personally.

MSW Advising Worksheet
It is essential that as an MSW student you meet with your advisor. This advising worksheet will help aid you and your advisor in planning your graduation path.

MSW Field Education Forms
The following forms are used in the MSW Field Education process.

Please note that these forms are inserted in the Field Education Manual between pages 35 and 36.

**some forms may need signatures, please fill out, print, & sign these forms and mail or hand deliver to the address provided on the form**

Foundation LEN Instructions

Concentration LEN Instructions