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MSW Admissions

Liberal Arts Requirements for Admission

As part of the liberal arts preparation, the MSW Program has established the following three specific prerequisites to admission - In particular, undergraduate coursework in the following areas must already have been completed, or the applicant must be prepared to complete the courses before beginning the MSW program:

  •  Applied Statistics
  •  Human Biology
  •  Human Development Across the Life Span

Grades of 'C' or better must be earned for each course. The human biology and human development courses provide educational background for understanding the bio-psycho-social determinants of human behavior. The applied statistics course provides exposure to objective knowledge development.

Applicants wishing to satisfy the above prerequisites through the University of Alaska Anchorage campuses should look for the following courses:

  • To satisfy the life span human development requirement: PSY 150, Life Span Development; 
  • To satisfy the applied statistics prerequisite requirement: STAT 252, Elementary Statistics or PSY 453, Application of Statistics to the Social Sciences; 
  • To satisfy the human biology prerequisite requirement:   BIOL 100, Human Biology; BIOL 102, Introductory Biology; BIOL 111 or 112, Human Anatomy and Physiology I or II; BIOL 113 or 114, Lectures in Human Anatomy and Physiology I or II; BIOL 115 or 116, Fundamentals of Biology I or II.
Other courses may also satisfy the above requirements. Please feel free to contact the School of Social Work with questions about specific courses.

Advanced Placement Criteria

Transfer Credits

Up to (9) semester credits earned at a regionally accredited institution and not previously used to obtain any other degree may be transferred to UAA and counted toward degree completion. Transfer credits involving a previously earned graduate degree may be affected by additional university policies.

Notice of Admission Decision

The School of Social Work will notify applicants who apply by January 15 of the admission decision in writing no later than May 1. Students admitted to the full-time program will be required to provide information in connection with field education placement at that time.

Applicants accepted to either the full-time or part-time programs who do not respond to the School processes related to admissions and field education placement by June 1 may have their admission revoked if a wait list of other admissible applicants has been established.

Felony Conviction

The School of Social Work MSW Admissions Committee will, in their discretion, deny an applicant for admission if the committee finds that the applicant's history of a felony or misdemeanor convictions make the applicant unfit for social work practice. The committee will consider the number and recency of any convictions and the relationship those convictions may have on practice.

Not withstanding the above, a person who has been convicted of a felony crime against a person described in AS 11.41 within the ten years before the date of application is unfit for admission to the MSW program and will be denied.

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