Applying for Admission

 Applications for 2015-2016 admission (which  included a distance cohort) were due January 15, 2015. New application materials will be posted shortly. Material posted in links on the right are for review only.

Application Deadline is January 15

  • Applications must be received on or before January 15 of the admission year. Admission review is performed once a year, following the January 15 deadline for application.
  • New applications are no longer being accepted for the 2015-2016 admission period.

Complete Applications Include

1. MSW Program Application  submitted to the UAA School of Social Work. Applicants with CSWE-accredited BSW degrees may be eligible to apply for advanced placement in the program (read instructions for advanced placement carefully). Complete MSW Program applications include:
  •  Application form
  •  3 application reference forms
  •  a personal statement
  •  separate writing sample
  •  professional resume

2. The UAA Graduate Application
for Admission submitted directly to UAA Enrollment Services. A fee is required with this application.

3. Complete Undergraduate Transcripts. Exception: Transcripts from the University of Alaska programs/campuses are not required.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all materials required for a complete application are received by the School of Social Work, including transcripts ordered from other institutions.

The MSW program reserves the right to request additional materials and/or interviews pertaining to program admission.

Notice of Admission Decision

The School of Social Work will notify applicants who apply by January 15 of the admission decision in writing no later than May 1. Students admitted to the full-time program will be required to provide information in connection with field education placement at that time.

Applicants accepted to either the full-time or part-time programs who do not respond to the School processes related to admissions and field education placement by June 1 may have their admission revoked if a wait list of other admissible applicants has been established.

Felony Conviction

The School of Social Work MSW Admissions Committee will, in their discretion, deny an applicant for admission if the committee finds that the applicant's history of a felony or misdemeanor convictions make the applicant unfit for social work practice. The committee will consider the number and recency of any convictions and the relationship those convictions may have on practice.

Not withstanding the above, a person who has been convicted of a felony crime against a person described in AS 11.41 within the ten years before the date of application is unfit for admission to the MSW program and will be denied.

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Application Materials (OLD) for review only


If you prefer to have application materials mailed to you please fill out our MSW information request form or call our office at (907)786-6900.