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MSW Program

Mary Dallas Allen MSW Program Coordinator



The mission of the UAA MSW Program is to prepare advanced generalist social workers who enhance human well-being and promote social and economic justice for people of all backgrounds, particularly those in Alaska. Alaska's unique and rich multicultural populations, geographic remoteness, and frontier status afford great opportunity for skilled social work professionals to have a profound impact on social and economic injustice.


  MSW Curriculum

Each course is designed to provide content in: a knowledge base (theories, models, and methods), a belief system (values, ethics), a professional activity (skills, techniques), and a commitment to the mission of our profession: appreciation of diversity; promotion of social and economic justice; and advocating for populations-at-risk of oppression, discrimination, and economic deprivation. 

The foundation year curriculum consists of 32 semester credits and is required for students who have not earned a baccalaureate degree in social work from a CSWE-accredited program within the last 5 years. It is sequenced to provide a professional preparation for advanced generalist social work. All students will waive, test-out or take all foundation courses required in the foundation year of the program.

The concentration curriculum is comprised of 31 credits and is required for all MSW students.  The concentration sequence provides for breadth and depth in advanced generalist practice. Dependent upon prior academic preparation and practice experience, some applicants with a BSW may be approved for advanced Placement to the concentration curriculum of the program.


Current MSW Student Handbook