Interested in Applying

You can view the MSW Application here. Applications for 2015-2016 admission (which included a distance cohort) were due January 15, 2015. Applications for 2016-2017 admission (which will not include a distance cohort) will be due January 15, 2016.

Campus Based Options


Full-time students attend classes on the Anchorage campus concurrent with field placements each year for two years. They are expected to complete the foundation portion of the curriculum during their first year, followed by the concentration curriculum during their second year. Doing so requires a course load of 15-16 credits per semester, fall and spring, with no required enrollment during summer semester. 


On-campus students may also enroll in a structured part-time four-year program, completing the foundation curriculum during the first two years and the concentration curriculum during the second two years. They are required to enroll in 6-7 credits during each fall and spring semester and 3 credits during summer semesters. Their field placements occur during the second and fourth years of their program. 

Advanced Placement:

Students admitted with advanced placement complete 6 credits of coursework during their initial summer semester, following which they complete the concentration, or second half, of the program. For full-time students, this requires one year (fall and spring semester); for part-time students it requires two years. (Advanced Placement Criteria)


Distance Program Options

Distance Admission status:

Applications for admission to the distance-delivered program will not be accepted for the 2016-2017 school year. The next distance admission year is 2017-2018. Applications for that year are due January 15, 2017.


Students are admitted to the distance-delivered MSW program every odd-numbered year (i.e., 2017, 2019). The distance-delivered MSW program follows the above mentioned part-time program plan. Additionally, students must attend a 3-4 day intensive, held on Anchorage campus, at the beginning of each semester (fall, spring and summer). The remainder of their course attendance is managed by teleconference and through web-based delivery. Every attempt is made to arrange field education placements as close to the student's home community as possible.

Advanced Placement:

Students admitted to the distance-delivered MSW program with advanced placement complete 6 credits of coursework during their initial summer semester, following which they complete the concentration portion of the curriculum, including on campus intensive sessions with the rest of their distance program cohort. Field placements are arranged during the second year of the program. (Advanced Placement Criteria)