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Meet the Sociology Club

Our objective is to foster a sense of community among the Sociology Department citizens (students, faculty and staff). Sociology Club has been revived back into action in September 2010 by President Sara Schroeder, Vice President Erica Mitchell and their team (Sara Lucey, Cody Edwards, Clayton Dale, Ben Williams). 

We meet every Thursday at 6-7 pm in the Consortium Library (Room 205). Please join us for a meeting to see what we are all about!!!!

Visit us on our Facebook page or at at our UAA Student Organization Page.
Sociology Club screening-  Inequality for All



Current Officers


President: Jessica Passini

Vice President: Robert LaBrec

Secretary: Brandon Clark

Treasurer: Robert LaBrec

Club Council: Lakota Tow

Faculty Advisor: Zeynep Kilic

Past presidents Laura Orenga de Gaffory and  Jason Harper with current president Jessica Passini were recognized for their leadership and service at the annual Martin Luther King Student Appreciation Luncheon, with their Club Faculty Advisor Dr. Kilic in tow (January 24, 2014).


President: Jessica Passini

I am a born and raised Alaskan, which shines through with my love of pretty much all things outdoors. I am going for a bachelor of science attempting to merge Sociology and Psychology as much as possible as I hope to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD in Social Psychology. I want to work in the research field and would love to come home to Alaska to work as a professor later in life for the UA system. I am very interested in working with animals in pet assisted therapy. I am currently working to become certified through Pet Partners of Alaska as a Animal-Assisted Therapy Handler and am excited to start volunteering. My research interests include but are not limited to: PTSD, Animal-Assisted Therapy, substance abuse, education, music therapy, gender stereotypes, prejudice, nonverbal communication and behavior, social perception, and social influence. I couldn’t pinpoint one particular moment that made me want to work in this field, but rather many moments throughout my life that have made me more and more sure that working, researching, and teaching in the social sciences field has always been and always will be my calling.


Secretary: Brandon Clark



Club Council: Lakota Tow