Conversation Café invites Student Affairs colleagues to come together in an unconventional creative environment fueled by meaningful dialogue, collaboration, self-reflection, and play to explore difficult questions, find passion in our roles at UAA, and discover our impact on all aspects that students touch at the university.

Harness the energy of Conversation Café, the annual gathering of student affairs professionals, and continue to dialogue in meaningful conversation throughout the upcoming year at Shared Grounds. This is a monthly opportunity for Student Affairs staff to contribute their voice, connect with colleagues, and collaborate across diverse perspectives.

Cafe Etiquette

Conversation Café Etiquette

  • Focus on what matters. 
  • Contribute your thinking. 
  • Speak your mind and heart. 
  • Listen to understand. 
  • Unplug, talk to each other. 
  • Link and connect ideas. 
  • Listen together for insights and deeper questions. 
  • Play, Doodle, Draw -- writing on the tablecloths is encouraged!