Student Affairs colleagues were invited to join, engage, and explore two of the following Cafes throughout the day that are rooted in our Student Affairs core themes. Exploring issues together encourages new ways of thinking, creates new possibilities, and engages diverse perspectives.

We look forward to delving deeper into the topics discussed at the conversation cafes and continuing to connect with one another throughout the upcoming year.

Conversation Cafe Etiquette

Conversation Café Etiquette

  • Focus on what matters. 
  • Contribute your thinking. 
  • Speak your mind and heart. 
  • Listen to understand. 
  • Unplug, talk to each other. 
  • Link and connect ideas. 
  • Listen together for insights and deeper questions. 
  • Play, Doodle, Draw -- writing on the tablecloths is encouraged! 
Cafe Themes Wordle

Student Learning & Success
Cafe Themes

Create opportunities that will authentically recognize the value of student experiences and learning development; this learning is success even without attaining a degree. If a student graduates from UAA with a 4 year degree and $95K in debt, is that student successful? UAA should be more accountable for student debt, because we are for their success.

Student Centeredness
Cafe Themes

Emphasis on streamlining the UA system to meet student needs and advancing the state of Alaska for the people of Alaska; strengthening partnerships and communications to create a more consistency and pride across the UA system. What does school spirit mean to UAA?

Advance the Profession
Cafe Themes

Creating a culture where staff actively engage in research, professional development, and innovative use of technology. Greater emphasis on cultural competencies, embracing diversity, and reflecting the cultural diversity of the student body. Centralized Student Affairs on campus.

University & Community Partnerships Cafe Themes

The unique significance and responsibility UAA has to Alaska’s economic future and development. Does this significance and responsibility currently match our efforts in town and gown relations? Where do we meet and where do we fall short in best practices in this arena?

Student, Staff & Faculty Well-Being Cafe Themes

Connectedness and belonging brings purpose and meaning. Great appreciation in getting to slow down, connect with colleagues, and concentrate on issues that matter to everyone as a whole. Valued expressing their roles and beliefs in the larger campus values and seeing how they connect.