Continuing Conversations

Conversation Café was built on the assumption that our staff already have within them the wisdom and creativity for positive change. We thank you for your enthusiasm and open mind and invite you harness the energy of Conversation Café; continue to dialogue in meaningful conversation with your colleagues. Together we can engage in collaborative conversation to co-evolve the futures we want, rather than settle for the futures we get.

Remember, you can also reflect on the recipe for hosting conversations for change:

  • Be present, contribute your passions and learn from one another;
  • Practice conversation, speak from your heart and make meaning together;
  • Host conversations, slowdown to initiate and discover new ways of thinking;
  • Co-create, build on common goals and explore future partnerships; and
  • Refocus with intent.
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  • Conversations for Change: The Recipe for Hosting
  • 1. To be present
  • 2. Practice conversation
  • 3. Hosting Conversations
  • 4. Co-creation
  • Intent
  • Conversations for Change