Frequently Asked Questions about Conversation Café

When exactly are Seawolf Howls being viewed/conducted?

Seawolf Howls will be unveiled at the Student Affairs Annual Gathering at the Conversation Café event on May 7, 2014.

What is the purpose of a Seawolf Howl?

Seawolf Howls are meant to give UAA Staff/Faculty the opportunity to share 10 minute stories or ideas that motivate and inspire them and/or their colleagues to continue to do the great work with students here at UAA and throughout the community. They are meant to bring us as a Student Affairs team back to center and remind us why we do what we do. Everyone has had a moment while working with students or even an inspiring colleague that keeps us on track to what really matters or lessons we have learned along the way. Take one of those moments and share it with the Student Affairs team at our Conversation Café on May 7, 2014. We want to hear your stories.

What is the step by step process for getting your Seawolf Howl selected for the Conversation Café event?

  1. You have a great idea/story that ties loosely to Student Affairs Core Themes.
  2. You click the "Apply Now" and fill-out the short application.
  3. A Conversation Café member will be in contact with you on the week of April 1st to have a brief conversation with you about your idea/story.
  4. The Conversation Café committee will select 5 Seawolf Howls (one related to each theme) to be conducted/viewed at the Conversation Café event on May 7, 2014.

Helpful Hint for Seawolf Howls: The process is not formally outlined in a presentation format on purpose.  We want individuals to have a conversation with the Conversation Café attendees.  This format's purpose is to strip away to formality of a presentation to a large group and allow Seawolf Howl contributors to feel as if they are speaking to a friend/colleague at a coffee/tea shop and attendees can feel conversational engagement to the story/ idea being told to them.

Is this a poetry slam type event?

No, the Seawolf Howls follow the format of TED Talks. Applicants may have to option to prerecord their Seawolf Howl or conduct it live at the Conversation Café event. We encourage those who have not heard/viewed a TED talk before to click on the link provided to view an example. The Conversation Café committee encourages creativity and having fun with your Seawolf Howl!

Further questions?

If you have other questions please do not hesitate to send them to us at: