Conversation Café Planning Committee

  • Whitney Brown, Chair, Office of Student Affairs
  • Anna-Marie Smith, Office of Student Information
  • David Murdoch, Student Union
    & Commuter Student Services
  • Kristin Bogue, Advising & Testing Center
  • Leo Medal, Multicultural Center
  • Nancy Meyer, Office of Student Affairs
  • Natalie J. Elder, Career Services Center
  • Rachel Murdoch, Dean of Students Office
  • Sam Holtshouser, Student Access, Advising
    & Transition

Seawolf Howl Contributors

  • Dr. Ryan-Jasen Henne
    Mantras to Live By
  • Karla Booth 
    Pass the Seal Oil Please
  • Dr. Lacy Karpilo
    The Myth of Customer Service in Higher Education
  • Kerry Davis
    What's in a Name?
  • Dr. Terry A. Nelson
    Valuing the Quality of Your Work Relationships

Conversation Café Hosts

  • Jennifer Headrick
    Student Learning & Success Café
  • Whitney Brown
    Student Centeredness Café
  • Ryan Hill
    Advance the Profession Café
  • Sam Holtshouser
    University & Community Partnerships Café
  • Rachel Murdoch
    Student, Staff & Faculty Well-Being Café

Superstar Support

  • SA Executive Team 
  • David Weaver & Seawolf Catering 
  • Dana Sample & the SU&CSS Student Staff 
  • Liz Shine 
  • Katie Alley 
  • Union Station Café 
  • Audri Pleas 
  • “B” Tung Nguyen 
  • Tom Trainor, Ashlar Media
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