The Student Affairs Assessment Team (A-Team) provides leadership at the Divisional and Department levels to promote a culture of evidence and support quality assessment activities for the improvement of programs and services across Student Affairs. A-Team green logo

    The A-Team:

  • Empowers departments with resources and trainings to increase competencies amongst student affairs staff and advance assessment practices throughout each unit;
  • Coordinates the identification and measurement of student learning outcomes, key performance indicators, and data points;
  • Provides oversight of the CAS Self-Study Review process in providing support and mentorship as areas undergo the process and ensuring successful completion and implementation of identified priorities;
  • Reviews department annual assessment plans and provides feedback to departments to facilitate collaboration and continued improvement in the undertaking of quality assessment;
  • Facilitates the sharing of assessment data and best practices to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Serves as an advisory group to the Student Affairs Executive Team in supporting strategic planning, university prioritization, and assessment of core themes and opportunities.

Prioritization Prep Sessions with the A-Team

Throughout the month of November, the A-Team hosted a series of Prioritization Prep Sessions designed to provide Student Affairs staff an opportunity to start getting organized for Prioritization. At each session the A-Team was available to help brainstorm and discuss with departments strategies for approaching the template questions, identify information and metrics that can assist in completing the template, and answer questions about the process. 

The A-Team is pleased to see so many staff members getting engaged with this important process; 58 attendees in total engaged in productive conversations at these sessions! From the brainstorming that occurred at those sessions, the A-Team compiled this list of resources for you to consider and reflect on while gathering information for your function(s). The A-Team encourages you to keep the conversation going in preparing these resources and to be reminded that your “prioritization prepper” is available to you as an external eye and resource for support as you continue forward.

Current Members

The Student Affairs Assessment Team is chaired by the Coordinator of Student Affairs Research, Assessment and Staff Development. A-Team members, representing the four divisions within Student Affairs, serve as internal resources for their department/office on assessment and provide leadership to the division in the area of assessment.

  • Whitney Brown, Coordinator of Research, Assessment and Staff Development, Chair
  • Dawn Dooley, Associate Dean of Students
  • Karen Haddock, Disability Accommodations Coordinator
  • Ryan-Jasen Henne, Director of Residence Life
  • Theresa Lyons, Director of New Student Orientation
  • Kevin Kristof, Assistant Director of Student Information
  • Deborah Mole, Associate Professor & Librarian
  • Dana Sample, Student Union Operations Coordinator
  • E. Andre Thorn, Director of the Multicultural Center
  • Michael Worth, Student Affairs Data Analyst

Responsibilities of Members

A-Team members have the following responsibilities: 
  • Attend team meetings (monthly meetings, as well as workshops/trainings as needed)
  • Exchange ideas and engage in assessment activities
  • Participate in team decisions with objectivity
  • Accept responsibilities as assigned by Student Affairs Executive Team/Chair
  • Participate in ongoing professional development opportunities
  • Advance strategic planning and assessment initiatives

A-Team Updates

See the following documents for monthly updates of A-Team activity.