Question for Betty.
So, I'm a virgin but am seriously considering having sex with my boyfriend.  The thing is, I'm really small and in the past, when we've tried to have sex, I was too small or too tight for him to get his penis in.  I was wondering if there's something I can do to make it possible/easier.
Betty's Answer.
You have a common concern with young women; you are perfectly normal.  Adult women do come in many shapes and sizes as do their vaginal openings or introitus.  Some women have a membrane or hymen which can have a very small opening.  Often this opening has been enlarged through use of tampons. The opening can be gradually enlarged by you with use of your fingers, tampons or vaginal dilators.  You can start small with one finger and then progressively stretch this membrane with 2 fingers, 3 fingers or with vaginal dilators.  If you would like more information on this, please contact your health care provider for an appointment or the Student Health and Counseling Center, if you are an eligible student, at 907-786-4040.
Other concerns at this time are developing safe sexual practices, including a birth control method and a barrier method such as condoms for preventing sexually transmitted infections.  You also want to ask your partner if they have been screened for sexually transmitted infections.  If not, insist on this prior to engaging in sexual activity. You can also discuss this with your health care provider.