Cancellation Policy
 Please call 786-4040 to avoid a $15.00 no show charge.

This charge will be assessed to your UAA student account
if no contact is made after a 10 minute grace period. 

A voicemail message is acceptable. Please include date and time the call is made in the message. 

Paragard logo         Apply for Paragard Patient Assistance!!!

Call to make an consult appointment with our Advanced Nurse Practitioners

at 907-786-4040.  

For more information about Paragard go to


.... We have GARDASIL® [HPV Vaccine(Types 6,11,16,18)]

HPV Vaccination



Please call 907-786-4040 for an appointment and information.

For additional information  ~ Please visit the CDC website NEW HPV Vaccine

Patient Assistance Program
Submit  your application to the Student Health and Counseling Center to receive free Gardasil if approved by Merck Patient Assistance Program.  Application could take 24 hours to process. or visit us in person to complete the application.
Call the Student Health and Counseling Center at 786-4040 with any questions.

Contraceptive Refills available online !!
In order to use this service you must have a current exam on file with us.

Use the online portal to submit your refill request. The refill will be ready for you at the health center within 72 hours.

1) Log-in using your username and password (same as UAA Blackboard log-in)

2) Select "Forms" located in the left margin. This will take you to the refill request.

3) Complete your answers and select the submit button

4) If you encounter technological difficulties with this process call us at 907-786-4040

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm